he continues to stare hard, real hard at the screen. the lovely smiles on the screen mocks at him. he continues to ponder on a way to sort out the situation.

a cup of coffee didn’t help to lighten his mood. rather, it seems to spell more trouble.

it simply blanks him. stops his brainwaves. and freeze the very heartbeart.

at this stage, many would have figure that it’s a writer’s block…

well…. perhaps it is… perhaps it’s not afterall.

enough games. it’s not.


a picture tells a thousands. at least, that’s what the media is always advocating about.

to him, a pictures rips him apart. from sane to insane. from pleasure to displeasure.

not one, not three, but a slideshow of pictures had drove him crazy…


the poor soul continues to ponder in the depths.

and then, he did the greatest thing ever.

he stuck his paws into deep into his heart, and started to chew.

how warm the heart was. its throbbing excites him as the heart struggles to jump. how full of passion it was with the world.


as he chews into the heart. he continues to feel the veins, the arties pumping blood.

he swallows the remainder of the heart.


and he continues his life in the world, just without a heart

not anymore.

unable to feel, the cat walks on…