the bus shares the pain, grief, joy and fun in the passage of one’s life? ever thought that life’s simply too depressing, painful, fun and joyful? what? you’ve never experience one of these before? let the bus open your eyes to the world.

welcome to world of grief, pain, fun and joy. welcome to the bus.

ride it hard. ride it so hard that it simply hurts the butt. ride it so hard that the butt sores. ride till you’ve figure that you’ve seen all of it. ride a bus!


the bus never fails to share her little opinions to you. whispering her sweet nothings to you in your ear when you are dozing off. try dozing off in a bus. hear the world when you drift in a semi conscious state.


he was tired. the bus seem to look really inviting. the seats are the back of the bus looks like a comfortable bed. he board the bus instead of the train. the ride took an hour 30 minutes. the butt was sore. the head was clear.

yes, the head was clean at the end of the ride.


at the rear of the bus, in the litle corner near the window, it’s the privacy corner – no men’s land. there, one can experience senerity, peace and no disturbance.

there, one can think clearly as the scenes moves pass the bus. the confusing strings of thoughts being left behind as the bus “runs along”. how sweet.

there, once can organize his thoughts. he can review the day. review what went wrong. review went right. more wrongs then right. more right then wrongs.


+( things that went on in life gets left behind in the bus as he alight from the bus. indeed, the bus is a collector of griefs and pain.

jokes shared on the bus. the funny gossips mentioned on the bus. they all get left on the bus when we, it gets collect on the bus.


so, what the point of the bus?

it’s a excellant to think. to straighten. to pull back oneself