just how much is a word worth to most people?

a cent? a dime? halfings?

the word from his highness is golden. (although he certainly like silver more)

at least, not in anything has it made it worth like metal from the scrapyard.

now poor protector is sianz.


“i have a dream” – martin luther king

his highness had a dream. one weird dream.

it was some kind of party in this really white mansion. there was liquor everywhere. people that he knew everywhere. well, almost everyone was there. everyone was drinking, getting high.

his highness was drinking volka with whisky xo mixed. his table of guys drank the same thing. one cup down, the rest were all too high, and his highness got bored. after dumping them back into their rooms, he proceed back to flavoring the liqour.

ding dong bell came over and said, hey R, i’m going home =) — smart choice, better to get home safty instead of bring dead drunk

the next moment, the scene warped.

his highness was holding someone in his arms, just sitting near a tree on the beach. someone was drunk. she was drunk.

the sun rose. yes, it’s sun rise, but sun set. (for once, he got it correct –  this is a private joke)

his highness thought, how nice will it be, if someone wasn’t drunk, and was appriehating the lovely sunrise. it will be so R indeed.

who was “someone”, his highness continues to ponder.


there are really lots of toads everywhere. frogs, toads. actually, just more toads. lots of them toads.

and what do toads do? what do toads love to eat? —> think along the lines (pretty slow if ya can’t guess… lol)


yes, and the cat shoots them. at least, he plans too.

he laughs as the toad attempts to do wat it loves to eat.



that is life. vivo city is pretty neat. time to do shopping with the damm VIP cards come. wahaha!