and after the exciting ‘death note’ movie with tigeress fish and rainbow, his royal highness takes his ride home. for the hard core ‘death note’ manga and the newly arrived anime fans, watch ‘death note’ on a light note, and it will pleasurable. it’s worth the bucks watching it in the threatres.


his highness must really gives his thanks to the new “i luv” branded ipod earpieces with volume control. the ease to increase the volume (and of course to lower it) had certainly been a excellant P.I tool.

and on the train, his highness was constanly playing with the volume control. just as a girls in boredoom plays with her long hair, fingers or whatever, his royalness played with the volume control. however, it was with a purpose in mind.

right infront of him, a couple was showing a live cast of the ‘cold war.’ indeed, it is. the cold war, a favorite topic that his higness love… is playing itself right in front of him. okay.. that’s exagratating a little here.


the converstations goes like this, (it’s in mandarin)

girl: (yeada yeada yeada yeada, rants rants rants rants) , till the point it came to the attention to his highness.

guy: … … ….

girl: (continues to stare hard and yeada, rants rants rants)

guy: … … …. ….. ….. …..

girl: why are you always like this. why must you do this to do? are you ashamed of me?

guy: it’s not like this. there are complicated reasons for me to do this

girl: why? tell me. tell me something, dun just stand there and freeze a blockhead. answer me..

guy: (mumbles)

girl: (flared up and says) do you think i will be happy like this? (says 3 times)

why must we hide from the others (that we’re together)? why?

guy: because there are some reasons…

girl: it is unfair to me (repeat 3 times) that we live in fear from being found out by the rest of them. why can we be a normal couple? and hold our hands in the public. why must it resort to a underground relationship? just why? it is not fair to live for the benefit for the others. (tears)

guy: … … … … …

girl: for so long, we have been hiding. three months, izzit it time enough..

guy: … … … …. (.. … .. ..)

and his highness reached his stop and alighted from the train….


why indeed, his highness ask himself. why indeed? why should the couple live in fear of being discovered? why must be undergo an relationship that can’t be held to light? just why?

be proud! be proud about it. be proud about it and brave the storms with her. why be bother from the eyes of others? why the need to hide around. to date in fear of discovery by others? WHY?

is he ashamed of her? or himself? his highness wonders…


chicken indeed.

dumb guy. he could at least hold her and comfort her.