if his royal highness was to captain a bus, who will he welcome on board the ‘ponder’ express? will any tom, dick or harry make the mark? for starters, the obscene likes of ‘tom’s dick hairy’ will definably not make the mark.

perhaps, any chap named ‘mark’ will be allowed on board. after all, if ‘mark’ doesn’t make the mark, no one else would pass. right?


his highness felt like captaining a bus. just like robin william did in the movie, ‘rv’. he’s the man.

that aside, his highness would like to captain a vintage bus. vintage, yeah, that’s the word. old, creaky bus with no air-con. a bus that still retains the uses of windows. where wind, winds, could pass by into the world of the bus.

where the passengers on board get to feel the winds blowing in their face, feeling the winds that carry off all the unpleasantly.


his royal highness would like to captain a bus in the storm. perhaps, it would be ideal if he could do so in the early evening, where the sky just starts to darken. the rain will come then, making it look like a sphere of despair.

just picture the gloomy settings, the storm brewing, the rain pouring in the same moment.

a bus arrives, a bus with no air-con, a bus with open windows. the passengers boards the bus.

they each take a seat on the seats.. feeling the wind blowing in their face, feeling the rain drops beating on their face.

smelling the fragrance of the rain. the cool wind that fogs their sight.


that, it is, if his highness were to captain a bus.

it would be a vintage bus with windows, in a windy, raining, gloomy evening. a bus which holds its own thoughts about despairs, while shielding those in it from another form of despair.