it’s surprising to know how calming a long sleep after a long bus ride home could do to a person.

blissed? some would say. perhaps its magic? small little chibi dream fairies appearing and extracting from our minds, the little little !@#$%^&*()_ that goes on.

that’s why the sages go saying, “the mind’s still the same. the worldly matters just got bigger.”  and his royalness says, “the little dream fairies does their job. respect to them. hail dream fairies.”


the day couldn’t get worst. at least thats what he thought. switching off two alarm clocks, namely the alarm clock and the mobile phone alarm clock, his highness continues his slumber in lala land.. dreaming about well… dreams (like who can remember that much dreams?)

the cats at the corridors started meowing… and his highness woke. to his horror.. it’s 0830… great…

afterwhich, it’s congrats to the SAF training. 0845, board the bus.

activate eileen sama, f & n sama to the rescue. miss the 151 (darN) and was late… !@#$%


tutorial was horrible. true, the tutor might be helpful, kind, and watever watever…

BUT HEY, her EQ wasn’t exactly average. (let’s see how many of you out there thinks it’s above average)

and of course… the result:

for his air of self-conceit permitted no failure。。。not even a minor one。。。 


self-conceit is wat increases self-esteem. self-conceit is wat motivates.  couple self-conceit with a failure, low EQness bruises the ego of the mighty one.