we do know certain dialects are funny to speak.

someone said before, “cantonese sounds so refine.”

another said, “hokkien sounds so THE.”

another went, “teochew sounds CHIM.”


was reading talkingcock.com just not long ago. on the section ah beng.

hilarous! singlish, beng-alism, hokkien, cantonese lingua all as one.

it’s as the world says, “hearts united all as one.”

a blend of lingua franca, makes reading all the hard. but FUN!

imagine all the ZEAL, all the excitement from reading the articles, spanning from the first sentence to the last sentence.

unbelievable achievement too!

and his royal highness feel so much better after a hearty laugh.


gossiping with people is really fun. maybe not.

let’s call it bonding. bonding with project mates via communication’s FUN.

every project groups. yes, we do mean EVERY single project group that his highness has meet = pure fun.

the talking, the communication, the contacts, and the crazy memories rushing work, not forgetting the occasional teasing…

had a great time talking with ‘ah lian’ online.