this is a small world. if we really bother to take a look at the world, it’s darn small.

everyone knows everybody.

not convinced? try asking people in your social circle if they happen to know a certain somebody. chances are, they do.


commit a crime, and the world knows. it’s pretty a primitive style of cyber-surveillances brought down to human style with “feel”.

the world rejoices when more people discover another hypocritical gentlemen in the premises. just around the block, or well… someone probably everyones knows. a high profile somebody has been exposed.

the story goes: (let’s call him “the special one”)

season one: “the special one” was romantically involved with “floss”. “the special one” was identify to be a “backstabber” by “ancient man”.

season two: “the special one” went emotionally deprived and attempts to be romantically involved with “mood swinger”. “the special one” confused “mood swinger” who end the end resolved the matter. of course, “the special one” didn’t get much good PR on that matter.

season three: “the special one”spotted around, woofing around in the estate. argh, a new wolf target, he grins.
news two:”the special one” caught MIA-ing for urgent matters. Slack? hmmm….
season four: “the special one” becomes too boring for news. aka no longer news worthy?

season 1-4. each season, we have more hypocrites fingers directed to “the special one”. the tales just add on with more spices from more people.


don’t understand a thing? that’s precisely the notion. else, we’ll have a repeat of the elite blogger issue on the news. his highness’s has no affiliations with MPs (mere pranksters)…..


the rest of the world laughs…


that’s why gentlemen are dead. dinosaur dudes. long extinct. anyone thinks anyone’s a gentlemen? stare around and look. and scream, “oH NO! another hypocrite in place”


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