to be or not to be?

didn’t the great english literature man, ‘shakey-sphere’ said that before? did he not? well… does it matter? no, it doesn’t matter the least at all.

it’s a puzzling thing to decide on. and his highness chose to flip a coin. a coin that was smeared with bias. evenly coated with thoughts from his mind.

side a: the side of the head –> Yes.

side b: the side of the tail or the flower –> No.

side a, the sign of the head, the all logical mind. the one that ponders and analyst the situation. the scheming mind. the one brushed with countless possibilities. the confused mind, the doubtful mind.

side b: the sign of the tail flower. the all beautiful, clouded opinion.

and of course, we have the third side. the side where the head and the tail flowers meets. should it even be considered a side?

truth, it’s the ‘side’ where they meet. hence, it’s a ‘side’. yet again, it’s probably just think border, a line too dreadful to be cross.


why isn’t this a question of warfare? where side a= press the bombing red button. where side b= not pressing the red button. would things be a lot easier? hmmm…. ponders… perhaps? perhaps not?

now again, it’s not a war question at all.

perhaps if we give the coin to a scheme-less innocent child, we’re get an easier “head” “tail” result. someone who wouldn’t think a lot. lol…

then again, side a and side b don’t include a lot of worldly factors. factors like history, or a particular STRESS word in a question. where history and the extra emphasize on a word could generate a whole hell lot of meaning.

and so, his highness laugh.