dogs can be trained to be accustom to something. perhaps, at six in the morning, we can train doggie to fetch the papers.

cats, or the other hand can’t really be tame to such matters.

it’s small wonders why dogs are more loved by humans.


and to his royal highness, he is becoming a dog. he has been trained, cultivated to be used to something. now that it hasn’t happen for some time… he’s a bit restless, and worried.

this is an odd feeling.

has doggie feelings overwhelmed his catty feelings? he wonders….

just what has happened?

and the cat among the rest wonders…


he need his catty-alism spirit back. the cat who has no habits. no routines. say NO to accustom.

indeed, one has managed to tame the cat down.


and cat, the royal highness struggles to break free…


a life of meow-ness is needed….

cats are independent creatures. MEDAKA. we need independence.!