what can we say, the morning’s going to be blue? or won’t it be?

and hey, at least till now, it aren’t that blue after all. a piggy morning waking up late from an 4am late night (was it morning?) sleep, his royal highness is late once again to the royal academy.

and vala!!! he bumbs into the secretary general eilleen. neighbours sure are fun.

and the great juudee sama sends a msg of greetings… or recruitment notice for another event. life after the exams will be interesting!


read this book by ‘Robin Hobb’, titled the “Shaman’s Crossing”, the newest installment from the new series that he/she wrote. his highness just love the work from Hobb.

why he or she? firstly, names can be deceiving. robin can rep a male or female. secondly, the stuff Hobb writes tend to inclind to emotions. let’s phrase it in another way. the story are written in  way that provokes thoughts. loads of it

and let’s face it. women writers tend to do the emotion part better. it’s a brain structure thing.

back to the story. this time. hobb constructs a character, a solider. it goes like this. the first son of a lord will bear the role of the heir; the second a soldier, the third a priest as a gift to god, the fourth the arts… and … yeahda yeahda yeahda… and the sons of all soldiers become solidiers… and so on on..

apparently, the new king in line decided too elevate the 2nd son of some nobles to the rank of lord. this created a fractionsplit in the noble line. for the 1st time, we have royal noble families split apart. sibling rivalry.

the story goes on how the lead journeyed to the school for soldiers.. and well… the next part… his highness will need to find time for a read….


at the moment, a orange bottle with a cat stares at his highness. he’s having lessons in school now. WOW!!!

and he is puzzled. a cat lover in the premise? or izzit it not?

that will be a tale for another time! WAHAHA!