and from the look the calendar gave his royal highness, the calendar was still clueless on the going ons. after all, it can’t have a clue, considering that it is a physical entity rooted on the desk in the royal chambers. but the calendar with it’s face pointing to thursday did have something to say. C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S.

and the day points towards thursday. perhaps we can take an approach from good friday. friday’s always good. and when we have good, there’s the bad, thrown in for a free package. so, technically speaking, we have bad thursday? yes? no? a blend that lies clearly in the between?

still, his highness’s clueless, as the thursday calendar is.


woke up in the morning feeling like a disease-driven patient.

coughing the night before, sniffing the night before did indeed left him drain of his mystical energies. not to mention the small little round stuff called pills, tablets. which comes in all sizes. nonono, his royalness refuses to take in any of the drugs that doesn’t even have the effect of drugging his mind. since the drugs don’t even play an significant role in replenishing his magical energies, in the packaging it did stay.

why a cough? why a sniff? no thanks to the hair fragments. a hair cut at the “hair eating shop” never falls to get the hair flying around. and as all living things breath, in went the hair into the breathing organs. yuck.

sniff sneeze cough… sick…

miss the “probably” most important tutorial in the morning… yuck!

at least his highness feel better in the morning for lectures…. which wasn’t at all fufilling.

the small break which ended in another lecture wasn’t particularly useful…


rather, it was watching around that seem to make the day filled with thoughts… to the brim, he would say, to the brim. the day’s always good learning new things from people. be it accidental when they splatter information around, or carelessly. really, everyone gives our information that they never knew it.

here’s a story:

chopstick1 and chopstick2. in spring

chopstick 1 was pretty much the only chopstick around in autumn. chopstick was unpolished and has splinters for the entire season, ending up being refined in chopstick factories for re-whatever-ing.

chopstick 1 and chopstick3. in summer.

and on the chopsticks go chopstick-ing.

and his highness decides to eat with fork and spoon. !@_x! ?

chopsticks these days are disgusting… just get one. ONE decent chopstick and be done with it


library’s the next in thing in school. even when 6th was warded for demons, 5th was still welcomed.

demons? mugging demons has flocked the 6th floor of the library. 5th was still pretty much the same, until today. flooded by the minions who couldn’t access the 6th floor.

left the library. and spotted the poor girls cramped in a chat room earnestly pondering on work. sighs…

really, the library needs to be EXPANDED! not for the sake of demons, minions, but for the benefit of royalties, namely the two in the 5th floor chat room.

now, now, do make room for his highness to join in!


and then, his royal highness discovered a new power aside from his great skill of m, d, precognition, empathy. as his royal powers mature, he learnt a new skill — frame capturing.

and it proved to be a sweet skill.

Skills he know wield in no order of power:-

1. m-lation (a despite skill, useful but not fun)

2. d-ption (neccessary but not fun)

3. empathy (requires more proper shielding)
4. precongition (just like foresight)
5. frame capturing (sweet, pure sweet skill)