Hello, here is my passport.


Where do I go to collect my luggage?

Take bag go where, ah?

You mean chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore?

Gum cannot, meh?

I’m being fined? Oh dear.

Kena saman? Die, lah.

What shall we have for dinner this evening?

Tonight eat what, ah?

I’m open to suggestions.

Anything also can.

Do you have a reservation?

You early-early call, not?

Yes, it’s reserved under the name “Tan”.

My name ‘Tan’!

Please wait a moment while we attend to your table.

Your name ‘Tan’, so you ‘tan’ here awhile, can?

This way to your table, please.


What would you recommend?

Here got what, ah?

Our speciality is fine European haute cuisine.

Ang mor makan, lor.

Would you recommend this dish?

This dish how, ah?

It’s alright.

Can, lah.

The steak here is exceptional.

Here the steak is tok kong.

We also have a fine selection of pasta.

Also got mee.

Perhaps the fettucine or linguine?

Mee pok, mee kia, also got.

Would you care to sample our desserts?

You want lizard?

May I have the bill, please?

(mime signing cheque)

The prices here are rather steep.

Wah, here damn ex, man.

Next time, I’d rather eat at a hawker center.

Go hawker center also better!

Singlish days… from http://www.talkingcock.com/html/article.php?sid=787