went mugging the other day with the talents. went ikea and finally got a chance to munch on the katangs, meatballs.

of course, food’s a drug, since it clouds the mind on the sheer bliss. and very nearly, his highness was.. very nearly PICKPOCKETED…

DAMM close to being a poor vitim!!!


feeling good after mugging good food in a good setting in a good place with good company on a good day, the good man went awaiting at the good busstop, leaning on the good pole near the good seats..

aside from the goodness, it was’t that good.

someone. someone was touching the good butt on his royal highness when he was leaning and almost dozing off.

damm it!

his royalness feel it. turn around and felt the wallet drop. the ‘phantom’ hand recoiled. and the bus came.

he boarded it.

upon reflection, did he realize it was a pickpocket attempt. WTF?

phew, and thank the signs of the lucky stars. at least Mr. Pick wasn’t a pro. else.. it’s hell replacing all the plastics. name cards.. and damm m

well…lucky… too tired to bother. rather, the food was still in the tummy screaming GOOD?