“ball one!” the umpire shouted.

and team alpha tensed up. the crowd who supported team beta cheers on loudly.

back at the stadium seats, the coach continues to plan, as he struggles to keep his excitment within. obviously, the team beta coach was already leaking out joy from within…

another attempt from team alpha who struggles with the pitch. team beta coach frowns…

“ball two!” the umpire’s voice rang thoughout the stadium, to the roaring crowd.

team alpha coach courses slightly and beats a retreat. he decides to call for timeout and regroup. he surrounders.

beta coach ponders. yet, he can’t help but feel the triump. TRIUMP for a moment. sheer of luck? or did a miracle happen?

he ponders… for an evil plan tt’s shouldn’t be taking shape…



mugging was solid today. his highness did cover some grounds in the mugging enterprise. not to mention lots of crazyness from the other 4. oh well…

mugging must be made fun.


since when did mugging incorporate exercise…? we have yoga girl doing yoga’s like back stretching, demostrating her flexiblity backwards.

not to be outdown, his royal highness did some back flips tt emphasize on frontal flexibilty!

aRGH! OLD OLD! slacking too much…

the flexibilty and nimbness’s almost at rock btm.

AT least, DI DA Di was still achieved. DI DA DI = the backflippy…lol…

now… why did hsi highness did cyclone kick..? darmm…

wonder if he still can do it after many odd years of training..

SHIFU will be amazed when he notices tt highnesss’ still good in his DI DA DI!



wushu is fun


p/s: stardeeing in SMU is fun. damm fun . Y CAN’t NUS have half the facitlites like NUS.  a digital futuristic envirvon is cool for a change… thought it’s too metallic IHO.

central lib too’s unfriendly. SMU’s too metallic.

watever the case. stardeeing with some giggling is the BEST.

who says stardee-ing =/= fun n exercise?

we make stardeeing FUN