this is a drag.

when is the exams going be over?

rotting in the night. just pondering the days when the boring exams are over!!!

just two days to go!



finally fixed the blew-up DVD rom drive from the notebook. no wonder it can’t burn certain disc, or read burn disc 90% of the time.

How so? it was faulty. DAMM…. must be the excessive overuse of it to watch DVD dramas…

at least the acer vendor changed a completely new DVD burner drive FOC. yeah. at least acer repair serviceman from school was good. compared to his thrashy counterparts at the acer hq service center where were crap.

did a mod when it got back.

skinned the them. added dockbar. add the expose from osx.

result: a notebook that looks and functions like a mac osx (well… as least the interface!!!)