4 papers down…

1 more paper in the wee hours tomorrow, or rather, later in the day… since afterall, it’s always wednesday. isn’t it? well… can’t be bother to check the clock.


the first 2 papers were a breeze. basically it meant, all work done, with time to ZzzzZ doze off and perhaps catch a wink or two in the exam.

the papers today were horrible.

chinese translation was a complete mess. that’s in the first section. oh my god. what’s wrong with it. blasted. at least, section b was pretty easy. then again, a mess up section a that is coupled with a good healthy dose of section still spells trouble. oh my god.

second paper was ZzzzZ.  no wonder the lecturer is new. he gives guideing questions in a bloody essay. GUIDEING questions and they were so darn straight forward that one can laugh and mock at the simplicitiy of it.

then again, believe it or not, it WAS a killer. a killer indeed. indeed it is a killer. it is a indeed a killer…. etc. etc…

direct questions means that one need to really MUG it all inside the tiny gray cells in the tiny winy gray chunk of matter in the damm gray brain…

that means the basically understanding of a concept and applying it and using our great OWN examples were demolished. a factual essay is a damm killer. oh my god… (oops, god sure is buzy, since his highness’s being grumbling the whole day… once again… oh my god…) then again, at least it was decent…

then, it’s ALL OVER. over as in. SCREW up, MESS up. OUCH!!!

tomorrow will be another killer. a 0900 hrs paper. this direct means waking up at 0630 hours, leaving house at 0700 hours,  reaching school at around 0830 hours, taking into account the mad rush in the monrings. blast. oh my god





性格豪爽、直率的真实无法抵挡。。。 哈哈!