his royal highness has the opportunity to meet this particular person who possess an inert low EQ drive. and gosh, it’s a really low eq one. so terribly low that it’s a shame for the existence. brim to the limit that it’s a complete mockery on how one could survive in this hypocritical world. then again, kami-sama sure is kind enough to bestow them with continued existence.

perhaps it’s a form of pity showered on the low lives. then again, perhaps kami-sama’s been catching with the Wee Shu Min’s elite comments. so, kami-sama’s probably hinting that, “i’m not uncaring to the non-elites!”


that’s a significant difference between being straight, direct, forward versus low eq. the former actually has a different positive shine that is really outright appealing and attractive when attributed to a selected few. the latter simply never fails to bring the person to another outstanding level, an astonishing LOW level. and of course, it seem to scream “I’M SINKING LOWER AND LOWER”
it is pretty common for people to have the tendency to mix up people who are direct versus those who constantly lingering in the realms of low eq. after all, both the former and latter are straight in the comments.


here’s how to difference the two groups.

beings who are direct and forward are honest. they will only be direct and straight when they are in an enclosed setting. it means, a place where you won’t much be heard. or at least, it has a logical backing behind it. of course, the comments are generally good nature, with a kind intention and no actual malice involved.

on the other hand, people who resonates with low eq gives unwitty remarks that seem to make them really cool. at least, that’s what they have in mind. the need to have unwitty remarks that do not earn laughs to boost their self-generated “cool” image. funny, they seem to react to every message they received with malice and dripping venom. small wonder, they have a classical frown all the time. to be fair, they do have their charismatic moments (thought it has yet to be observe).


here’s how to survive with the two groups.

for the former, ACCEPT it. what you may think as the obvious flaw is actually their appealing factor. grow to LOVE them.

for the latter, BO CHAP, and ignore. and secretly, laugh at the obvious self degradation that they are doing to themselves. =)


finally, give yourself a comforting pat that you have grow to love the direct people. and make a self-amusement from those who have low eq.