once again, the biological clock’s messed up till the extremes. when school started a few months ago, sleep was at 0200 hrs. when the exams where ticking, sleep was around 0300 hrs. when the exams ended, we have the ‘going outs’ which seem to makes sleep arrive at dawn break. and if things go lucky, 0400+++ hrs, it’s time to slip into lala land.

the normal people seem to call it unearth hrs. wee hrs. most girls would have call this crazy, since beauty sleep is almighty and important. then again, 24 hrs a day aren’t too long. many a times, even a wish for 48 hrs a day aren’t enough. time is NEVER enough. let’s see, we have to watch all the shows that we want. read all the books we want. play all the games we want. watch all the movies we want. sleep all that we need to function as a normal living human being. and lastly, needing all the time to actually slack, and daze around aimlessly. let’s not forget the time we give ourselves to others. devoting some of it to help, think and act for others. all in the name of fun and joy.

and ahhh, let’s not forget time for self-learning, self-improvement. damm. time is really not enough. no wonder every entity on earth wants and extended lifespan.