and his highness was chatting to his friend regarding the poor handling and ZERO notification from NUS CBLC on the coming cyberia camp that we all PAID for.

with the date closing in on the commencement of the event. no news has been given to us on the reporting venue, time, and essentials to bring along. hey, they did say that they will contact us by email when the dates are near and after the exams. but hey, the exams are long OVER, and still no news from the CBLC people. at this rate, CBLC can be called:-

Bochap &


and it was then when his friend show the email message to him:-

“I complained to NUSCBLC bout the rudeness tht i got from the coordinator”, my friend said.

and then, she posted to me the email reply that she has gotten from the CBLC administration. i meant, previously, the sloppy CBLC had been inconsistent in getting personal information from us. some chose to opt for email, while others called. some did it to the extend of using SMS.

hey, this is a formal event. email is okay. calling is okay. SMS-ing, however is NOT okay. it is not fitting and exhibits the ZERO professionalism spirits that they have. okay, it seems that they have probably NON to begin with.

secondly, what’s up with the sms reply that says, “please reply with email”. upon replying to the email sent, it came,  “please reply to the sms of XYZ”. HUH? interior conflict? or just poor communication without the adminstration cell? see below for the story from her site.

just received an sms from NUS CBLC for the Cyberia Camp. NA BEI LAH! I apologise for the vulgarity used but I am really damn pissed by them. Sent me an sms about a month ago to ask for my t-shirt size and i replied. Then they told me I ve gotta reply to the email they sent, and not through the sms. Okay fine, so I replied to the email. A few weeks back they sent out a mass sms to ask for t-shirt sizes, food requirements etc again and stated explicity that only people who DID NOT reply to their email are supposed to reply to their sms. And so, obviously I didnt give a damn about it. And then this same fellow (am assuming that its the same person because its the same number) sms-ed me this. “Miss, pls la, reply to my sms! Ur shirt size pls..” WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS? Unclear instructions are bad enough and here you giving me rudeness? I know its a tough job contacting participants of the camp (I have done it b4 if u dun mind.. on a greater scale definitely) but there is no reason why you should take it out on an innocent participant. So much so for being a university student.


no wonder friend is pissed and feeling extremely vexed by it. oh, coupled with wisdom tooth extraction makes the spell worse off…

Hi ABCDEF (name changed for obvious reason),

Thanks for your feedback and interest in Cyberia Camp.

Firstly, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience and unpleasant experience that you have had with the email system and one of our coordinators. We will investigate this matter and carry out disciplinary action as required so that reoccurances of similar incidents are minimized. Although it is inexcusable, we hope that you understand the difficulty of contacting camp participants and arranging camp details during the period of time leading up to examinations and not let this incident cloud your interest in future participation with CBLC events.

Regretfully as we are constrainted by budget (the camp fees are subsidised by our NUSSU budget) and the number of available facilities (PCs), we are unable to accommodate you and your friend for Cyberia 2006 having reached our maximum camp capacity on the 16th November. Please help us convey this to your friend as well.

Perhaps you would like to join our regular training courses conducted during term time by our student instructors. We would be very happy to see you during those courses or in the coming year’s Cyberia. Just keep an eye out for the annoucements on our PC wallpapers (YIH & CL cluster) when the time comes.

Again, thank you for your kind feedback and sorry for any inconvenience caused.


for starters,

1. She PAID the damm $39 on the second day of registration (that’s before the exams, like somewhere on Nov 9?) and she jolly well paid with his royal highness (that’s me), wes and pokemon eekyou girl(poke lvl3000, i chose you). and placement was confirm with payment. so why this? –> “we are unable to accommodate you and your friend for Cyberia 2006 having reached our maximum camp capacity on the 16th November

2. everyone did that and have gotten the smelly blue colored receipt –> and we will stick it to the CLBC admin if we have to.

3.  “Please help us convey this to your friend as well.” –> oh please, have the balls to email the affected parties. and not do a taiji move (that means, redirecting everything, and pushing responabilities)


and this is why CBLC has such POOR administation.

erm… did his highness mentioned the project being done by inexperienced year ones?

oh.. why bother?