and when the days begin to solely revolve about roaming about in the isle cruising against the winds on a bike; braving the water frontals at the swimming pool; dazing in the books of fantasy, the good things and the tempo of life begun to proceed onto stand down.

although, some constructive geeky techy work was done learning on gimmicks, the satisfaction index with the knowledge wasn’t at all high. even the endless flow of gatherings that seem to go on and on and on and on… (well.. you get the idea) was beginning to have a strain on mr piggy bank (yup, he complains too, on his dieting)


and then, the magical yinying wheel of life begins to turn, to a more promising situation. things are finally going to be interesting starting from the next week. it’s long overdue!!! the bores are gone.

Yin Yang Wheel


has been watching d.gray-man episodes. and there was this character that had struck with an impression. she’s miranda lott, a klutz who never been thank ever before in her entire life.

She tells them about how all her life she was a klutz and got fired job after job, and how she must be useless as she’d never ever been thanked for anything.

WRex’s Anime Whirls

then again, with such a poor thought, his royal highness (that’s me) decided to roam about doing some blog reading, hopping and blog revamp (some slight additions, dead link removal and worthy additions). and he discovered he has been thanked from the people!
not one, but two had spoken (actually, written or blogged) the magical two words that seem to register to them the existence his highness! sweet!!! this people are!!!

let’s see. not that he has never been appreciated in his life. it was never this verbal. most of them do it the body gesture way. we have grinning, smiling, the classical friendly punch, and of course hug at certain times. but the funny notion is, nothings beats and worth the heart with a simple ‘thank you‘.

let’s see. it is true that most people express gratitude in the form of body gestures like grinning, hugging, smiling, giving a friendly punch. but, nothings beats saying the magical word ‘thank you‘. doesn’t it?

it’s such a pity not much people say the magical words out…

so next time when someone deserved a big ‘thank you’, give him or her the magical words!

on a side note, if you meet his royal highness, give him the words, and a BIG HUG! throw in a kiss if you have to. (just kidding, i meant that)