when mom and dad named his royal highness, they didn’t really have a clue on how this name would have made him a ‘miss’ in many occasions…. and how feminine it sounds to the untrained ear.

for example, the yellow ribbon conference made him a nice little tag that labeled him as ‘MISS’ Y.R.P

for seconds, the nurse at the hospital, clinics never fails to calls him ‘MISS’ Y, whenever they did not notice HIM as HIM among the sea of patients.

all because the last syllabus of his name sounds female. “ping” sounds girl. =(

still, it’s a good name. lu li did mention it sounds poetry in nature. tweety sensei back in the cchsm days said the same too. even the chinese drama teacher from tpjc said that. but still…


not too happy about it, our lead character did a name change to robbie.

but this website: the name machine has to spolit it all!!!!


Robbie: It’s a girl!
Since 1880, a total of 17,659 boys have been given the name Robbie while 20,297 girls were named Robbie.


well done indeed. when he chose the name himself. it has to be a girl’s name… gods…