hmmm… had a call from another who own a luring voicebox. now, if boys even possess sweetbox vocals, i would die to answer the phone… that aside, it seems xmas will have a change?


did a search ‘xmas’ on the blog. and to his surprise, more like horror. xmas seem besiedge by army duties, fevers, falling sick, or having whatever fun with the boys… and when we do gatherings with the boys, we most certainly do NOT exchanges xmas gifts. we do not go screaming 5…4…3…2…1… (okay, did once with another group) or anything that cross the border of decency and craziness.

we DO however, drink booze till we throw up [that never happen to me =)], play games, drink more booze. go out, have a hangover, drink booze, and congratulate ourselves when our wallets and valuables are still with us. excellent?


perhaps it’s long overdue for a change. though not particular zeal about everything. hey, it’s a change, and this chap need some time to get attune to it. hmmm…

for starters. to settle the presents which was never an issue (see top). condition set by the organizers (yeah.. not me this time, hate organizing stuff. cos it’s = DUTY)

1. SGD 10.00 and less
2. Nothing Edible
3. No mugs

problem no. 01 : we can actually get something under SGD 10.00? it’s unbelievable!!!
problem no. 02: this means nothing that can be shared and eaten. and no chocolates. gosh…
problem no. 03: people actually give mugs on xmas? hmm… hilarious?
problem no. 04: considering the boys are a whole lot of taoists and buddhists.. with one sole christian… (he’s our xmas planner anyway…) what do we do at xmas? BIG problem
problem no 05: can we drink BOOZE? hehehe!

hmm….. helpers people? any help?

calling for aid, the help line is OPEN!