and it’s finally winter season in singapore. and due to her geographically location near the equator, all the heat has change winter snow into the form of rain. buckets and buckets of rain that has flooded some roads.

his royal majesty, namely dad, mentioned that johor baru, malaysia was flooded (he was chatting with some friend he had in johor). and laugh at his friend who’s car was flooded…

bother, it’s raining since yesterday. and it never really stop even when i’m blogging. it started at prompty 1200 noon yesterday when his royal highness (that’s me) was meeting up with fellow royalties ys, ls, ant, yh, xl, zy where they watched eragon. after it ended. they sat at starbucks… and chatted for like 3 hours. oh, the elf princess Arya was starred by Sienna Guillory. she’s also the actress in the show in resident evil 2!!! and she’s cool!

the hairstyle she has here is darn cool. like flowers on her head.


back to the point. and from starbucks chatting.. it never stop raining.. heavy downpours marked by every poor soul without an umbrella running for shelter. there was also occasional lapse of drizzle which was followed by maddess pouring again. then again, it sure was a pleasure seeing and smelling rain! yeah! hmmmm

rain’s the best! raining sure is good!

and it continues to rain today. ENDLESSLY

blissed! rain all your wan~ beloved winter season! RAIN!