and the crazy days of xmas has began.

first ride ahead on dec 19…

all the way to… dec 26.



manned a store at’s seaweed’s shoppy. wat.

selling loads of female products. OUCH… that’s tough!

actually learn some stuffs….

DID the most amazing thing. and that;s learning how to close the shutters from a store? locking it. and doing some simple accounts. OH MY GOSH!

this is like so fun.



– from

and the movie eragon aren’t exactly top-notch.

at least the small dragon was quite cute. but that lasted for like 5 mins in the shows? hmmm….

and of course, the hairstyle from the elf princess is so attractive (do take note, it’s her styling in the FINAL battle. and NOT in the poster) . excellant hairstyling just completely draws my attention!!!

not to mention she has the confident and charisma in her. so cold and icy.

beauty in construction