dec 05: we have despo having his birthday.
dec 05: we have shazzy baby (hmm.. the word ‘baby’ was added for fun) turning 22.
dec 19: we have level 3000 pokemon pegan going for the key. finally legal to sign a form without parent consent! 21 years old!!!
dec 24: we have ian being born on this date
dec 26: we have caroline turning 20.

and yes, we have 4 birthdays this month. funny, his royal highness (that’s me) seem to have forgotten something really important. but still, he can’t remember. at the age of 22, the brain cells don’t work as hard these days…


now, why are birthdays such a challenge?

for starters…

1. everybody sits around the poor birthday girl. we crowd around her, giving her the wolf grin. in a serious mood, the cake arrives. everyone stares at the cake, and bursts into ‘happy birthday to you… etc etc etc…” imagine the GREAT self disclipine NOT to push the head into the cake…

2. well of course, for seconds… there is the issue of the cake. well.. not choosing the cake silly… it’s EATING the cake that’s a big problem. everyone gets the cake, which will almost 100% be a chocolate cake oozing with calories… and poor souls like his royal highness (that’s me) has to consider additional kilos grams gained, and the amount of swimming to do…

3. lastly… we have the poor birthday soul rampled with hugs, gifts blessings till he or she goes ‘gaga’. and poor souls who usually have to try to stay sober and sane after all the liqor forced down the throat….

4. of course.. if the birthday soul happens to be biological male… and if the celebrations happens to be near a chalet… he probably has to master swimming… or be drowned in a pool…

5. and if he’s 18 and legal in most countries, including the thought he’s in the damm army. he needs to know KUNGFU. cos the boys will be PUNCHING and KICKING his sorry soul…


so… indeed birthdays are a challenge…


still waiting for a worthy event to open vodka!

i wan to drink

today was actually a worthy chance to open up. then again, the royal one didn’t know that there were fellow social liqors lusters! and he didn’t bring it. argh

if only…. vodka… when is it a good date to open you?

considering the fact that 2200 hrs in the night aren’t really the afternoon when enternainments open… the option was to

1. pool
2. drink
3. ktv
4. return home and face dday when the results are out from school.

really, singapore is SMALL. where is the night life? no wonder terry is forever KBKBing… oh, he’s from HK.. a place with oozing nightlife!