and during the lovely 3-way conversation via msn between car and ying on serious modular issues, taiwan chose to have an earthquake. the world’s internet connection got disrupted. the article done by the washington post is right here. here’s part of the main points…

Two cables were damaged, both off Taiwan’s coast, Chunghwa said.

Chunghwa also said almost all of Taiwan’s communications capacity with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong was disrupted.

which directed related to the two major internet providers in singapore, namely starhub and singnet. no wonder most of us got cut off. then again. the starhubbers recovered back the connection… yeah to starhub!

 Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications said that international roaming service provided by Japan’s major three telecommunications _ NTT DoCoMO, KDDI, and Softbank, was affected.

japan was affected too… and from what antz said, US was affected too. needless to say, MSN which has the main connections based in the hitted areas suffered too…..



and many many poor NUS students who are doing the darn CORS suffered with them all. countless students were not able to work with CORS. they could not even access the page. and oh… singnet users suffered. some cant’ even connect. well.. that what’s some of my friends claim. so hubbers, give yourself a pat on the back for using starhub.

and we wonder. will the the quake affected our FREE maxonline 6000 upgrade? hmm… and we ponder. i don’t think starhub will disappear us. =)


sadly saying… EVERYONE knews about the taiwan earthquake and its effects on the communications system. BUT, NONE of them were really concern about the impact on the locals…

hmmm… now, this is something to reflect upon…