this is so uncool. almost everyone in the world is blogging about the new year. screaming happy new year 2007 all around on the streets, buses, cabs and on BLOGS.

and here his royal highness (that’s me) blogging about it too, following what others are doing. this is SO so uncool.

but hell yeah…. it’s a new year. and thats the golden pass for doing a similar thing. it’s a NEW YEAR afterall.



and for the new year’s resolution, we hope for WORLD’s PEACE. (like.. who’s going to believe that?)


now, let’s do what many are doing, a REVIEW of the year 2006.

then again, year 2005 was so much better. in fact, it was excellent.

year 2006 was a bucklet of CRAP, with few decent happenings.


why was year 2006 CRAP?

1. had this really SHITTY project mate. IT’s a GUY!!! ta ma de. he’s one sorry bastard backstabber.

2. made a mistake of helping a few arseholes scumbags. damm…. and ITS ITS a few GUYS…

3. SLAMED into a DOOR

4. BROKE specs…

5. so many people left singapore… =(

6. learning the truth that what lay beneath wasn’t really beneath

decent happenings in 2006

1. meeting more decent people [this includes guys n girls =)]

2. discovered a lot of cool people who speak cantonese!!!

3. doing something that was so sweet

4. meeting a lot of parents…=) [meet the folks]

5. JJ’s back in town!!!

6. meeting more sweet people.


6Boos vs 6 yeahs…

and 2006 SUCK…

no idea what the hell was going on above? don’t worry. me neither…

life suck

[rather what was buried remained buried]


fucker, and fucking screw you for fucking telling me that fucking information. i fucking rather you DON’T fucking open YOUR bloody FUCKING BIG MOUTH and fucking telling me that after i finally FUCKING GOT OVER the fucking issue.