and the grandfather cloak struck when janurary the first went pass without any big ups and downs. really, sailing through the day without any excitment, proved to be the most satifisying way to begin a new year in 2007. hey! at least it was neutral land. having no down moments on this day. it makes jan 01 special.

if there were lots of UPS on jan 01, it would just steer his highness (that’s me) into the delusion that “tomorrow will be better” . if there were lots of DOWNS instead, he’ll probably wonder, “will tomorrow be any better? or would it simply be worse off?”  perhaps. it’s those little “perhaps” and talk about future that give everyone false hopes.

and so, the motto for this year is,

1. “live life today, not about tomorrow.”

2. “dump the past and embrace the present”


sept is declared as neutral month (thats for those who know and for the rest to find out). consider this uncanny resolution as THE new year resolution!