and his royal highness decided to retire back to his chambers. flipping the hidden switch under the floorboard, he enters the hidden room and chose.

it’s funny why no one wonders why whenever his royal highness is present, the court jester fails to make his entrance. or why when the court jester decides to perform his  dandy jests, his royal highness never grace the crowd with his presence.

how odd is it that people fails to see the obvious when it right in front of their faces. odd indeed.


his highness ponders upon the issue if any one has the slightest hint on who he really is. the royal highness? the court jester? the farmer? the assassin? the shrewd one?

someone who knows the really one, beyond the many many masks he slips on when he awakes in life.  so many masks, he’s forgotten how he really is beneath…

perhaps he is looking for the one who slightly close to uncovering and locking his masks away…

is there anyone?

maybe there are one or two. who knows, maybe three.

perhaps there really is none. of