caught up with jasmine~ ain ~ judy~

hmmm jasmine’s a squardon s1 (i.e manpower office) and is rapidly becoming the hottest thing (person) in the unit at paybar lebar airforce. cool!

ain’s a sensi at a japanese school! omg… sensei!

judy gal… well… is still in school with me….  lol! school.. hell yeah

and we have “oh my friend leg is fractured” and i can’t come weiming…. LOL… who didn’t come…

such a pleasure having a project grp that gathers around! team ssa2203 consists of hmmm! funfunfun! the first bunch of project grp mates and friends made in nus sem 1 year 2


time to think of the upcoming 21st birthdays for everyone…

damm… need to rob a bank