there’s pretty much a lot of stuff to relate about. after last night, or rather, last half a DAY and a whole NIGHT of gathering with the boys…

an ALL boys gathering… with no gals around. how interesting!!! and this is not scarasm… =). wonders why the experience with boys seem to be of pure fun and eventful to the memories.

fun! for his royal highness (that’s me!!!) has almost forgetten how much joy there was in meeting with the boys. and in full strength too! and as yh had say, been in fass has totally change the royal highnessperception of men. the hanging out with the boys has helped him to regain back the fact that ‘boys can be great fun too’ and not all boring.


and so it seems, most guys his highness has meet in varsity are really different. afterall, we do know NOTHING about their past. no to drop the fact that they could be really plastic people who dons a mask on everyday. to the bare mininum, when the boys know each other back when we were kids around 10 odd years back, we were still our innoncent self with no knowledge of worldly matters… and we don’t know the stuff about putting little plastic masks in life.

thats why the royal tutor, mr goh, a primary school tutor used to say. treasure the friends you make. and royal tutor mdm goh aka ‘tweety bird’ also say, “friends made from childhood are the longest lasting”

‘tweety bird’ happens to be his highness’s favorite teacher! oh… did he mention boths ‘gohs’ mentioned in the paragraph above are CHINESE teachers? and this is why his highness really love chinese (love it. just not studying it). and he favors chinese drama, chinesee chess, chinese dance, chinese music, chinese orchestra, chinese calligrahy and chinese painting.. and all the chinese stuff!!!


and for the gathering we have:-

-. our star, jj the moron (hmm… only i can call that… the rest just gets beaten up…)whose back from queensland for a break…
-. ys, the rabbit aka jade rabbit aka easy aka yi di
-. ls, lipton aka THE MIGHTY LS
-. antz, the monitor who calls the whole world up and inccur massive phone bill charges….
-. xl, mr serious who goes all around discussing major isssues
-. wc, ‘my student’. hehe
-. yh, ah huan, who goes all crazy about harem and linking it with his highness…
-. brain, aka lao bai, who going a bit crazy these days… and really weird…
-. des, despo. in the mids of going bonkers too! man with the logic and aspiratin. respect!

and some missing people’s who not around. either in some parts of the world.. or… nevermind… can’t remember…