hmmm… and the advanced class of cl3281, advanced translation has a great total of 28+10 = 38 students in it… wor…

we welcome friend chek to the group! yeah! buddy from cl2280 basic translation who’s the only one adventurest to take a lvl3000 module. she’s a year 1, stepping into semester two! wow! three cheers to chek! she ROCK!


that aside… last night was really huge… not as in ‘chiong’ or pub or club. but it’s another that deserves its own entry… afterall, this entry’s about honorable chek who is takin cl3281 with his royal highness!

having a companion(s) in a mod sure is one good thing…!

for starters, we have someone to share the little happiness and fun in it. and the usual “this lecturer is so funny, etcetc..” or… “let’s skip leture together and justs slack” days…