read something from ‘weird’. why is someone nicknamed weird? cos he’s weird, that’s why. and of course, that’s nothing to blog about ‘weird’. it just feels weird blogging about weird. haha

this is so weird.


gods, school started not long ago and already the workload is creepy. his highness did a dateline listing on ms excel 2003, and found that he has 16 datelines till date. if he adds more stuffs from nm2221, it’s going to be like 22 dateslines. and that’s not all of it.

oh my god… 22 projects. mini projects, assignments. call it whatever. all it matters is that it has a general pie on the overall grades. a freaky min of 10% for every single one. gods… will god save us all? or is he on vacation? afterall, everyone needs a vacation, even god too!



and of course… here some other news…

only 3 final year exams…

2 of them were cancelled…

which meants a 100% CA which is damm heavy…. ARGH….

weekly projects 10% weightage… argh….

his royalness rather have the 40% weightage exams back, and make the CA a hell lot easier.

and so, this sem is worse then before.