he had already known how it would end when he first started it. still, old as he is, headstrong as he is, duke lukien continued his fool’s quest.

as he had expected, it led to his fall from grace.


the day to pay homage was edging close. it would be a matter of days before the ceremony would begin. time is pressing and it worried lukien. what was he worried about? perhaps, the failure to produce the tribute on the day. time was not on his side.

there is so little time, and so much to do and accomplish with duchess trust. the other duchies have already prepared their offerings for homage.

lukien has from what he remembered, always been preparing with the duchess for such events. for history itself, the two nations has always been on good terms, defending their borders hand-in-hand. and so, lukien thought everything will go well, until he messed it up hard.

as he sat near the fireplace warming his hands from the chill of the stormy night, lukien sighed.


most people live all their lives being a shield and barrier themselves up. they do it to protect themselves, from letting people know what is truly going on behind their thoughts. especially to those they do not trust. particularly from the other land-hungry nations that will leap at the slightest vulnerability.

most of the time, lukien did the same.

not this time round. he left his side open. open to the duchess trust. opening a vein that reveals his anxiousness of the upcoming homage.

just once he did. opening his thoughts, his worries.

and the worries turned into conflicts that went out of control, out of his league.

perhaps, he should have just cloaked up. but he did not wish to fabricate to the duchess. maybe he should have afterall, maybe he should have..


crafting the words has stung duchess trust. yet, lukien went on crafting words that express his displeasure to the situation. even when he fully understand the aftermath of it, he did not spare a thought.

lukien didn’t really wanted to go around in flowery words, or use cushion words. instead, he chose to craft stone cold words. the same ruthless type of words used when politicians used. where words used were selectively chosen to bring the fullest extent. words that meant nothing to those who do not understand. yet hurting those who knew at the fullest. words that will sting, stone crafted words that will be marked for all eternity.

duchess trust tried to give lukien a stage to let it go. still, lukien clinged. he knew it could end. the fool he was, he clinged on. and hell broke loose…

lukien never had the intention to accuse the duchess. he never did. he was just too worried about the homage ceremony. it was important to him.

and the last words from the duchess as she walled up, “if thats e case, u may do it urself!!!” continued to ring in his ears.


will he regain friendship back from trust? did he lose it in the first place? is it already beyond hope?

should he use his bag of tricks to savage what he can?

he will not. somethings are best done the honorable way. and approach with truth and true regret.


it seems, the alliance between the duchy of lukien and duchy of trust has broken up. already, as the winds blow, the fragment threatens to crack further.

will the fragment continue till it is beyond hope?

still, whatever the future holds, a crack and a fragment of what lukien has done will always stay. a memory that has been crafted onto stone and not sand… a great wrong, unjust that he has done.

deep inside, lukien knows… it will never be the same again…

live will never be the same again..


broken, and never the same again, lukien awaits for the storm to break. for forgiveness.