and here is something from zhi wei’s blog aka nakaido.

something thoughtful, something that shows great insight for someone who is just 18 years old.

Clutivating a friendship/relationship bond is like growing a plant.

The plant requires sunlight, water and nutrients. These are stuff you give to the plant for it to grow, depending on how much was given, it grows to that much of an extend. However, you can’t expect it to grow on its own. In the first place, you will have to place it in a pot with soil. If you didn’t have the intention to grow it, you will not have given it the nutrients. A plant withers away when too little sunlight, water and nutrients are given.

Friendship/Relationship bond requires time and energy. These are stuff you devote to the bond for it to build up. Same thing with the plant, but a bond requires 2 or more parties to start. If only 1 party is devoting time and energy to it while the other isn’t, its useless to continue and thus the bond would fade away. Communication is often the key to success in a bond, ignore that and it slowly fades away without much haste.

When the plant dies, you cannot revive it anymore. But when a bond dies, there are methods of reviving it(well, would you want it to die in the first place?). Base on the different bonds, make use of the human feelings to revive it.

This is something which i have came up with and i like to share it with my friends and readers out there.