no matter how one is adapt. no matter how one is skillful in protraying. no matter how one is gifted in withholding and controlling. no matter how one is a master of its own field of masking. it is the little bits and pieces that will give it away. given time, given the freedom of having unguard expressions, it shows more than we think we have allowed it to…

small talk. small speeches. small body shifts. small gestures that seem harmless, reveals more than what long chains of words can say.

the carefully choices of words that screams “political correctness” also unveils more than used. if one is a established politician, he or she will be (or rather, have to) an adapt in using pronouns. be it first person, second person or even third person pronoun.

different-person-pronoun used in different situations reveals the existing distance between the subjects mentioned. emotionally how far the subjects are apart.

and when a pronoun used over time, so does the emotion distance.

perhaps, to breach the politician’s gap with his or her supportors, they will use pronouns that suggest a kinship, a relation that seems to bond them up. a common identity helps in a politial runway.


 hence, if anyone wants to test the power of how the distance you and your friend perceived each another. check out the pronouns used in your daily lingua franca dialogue.

if it has changed. beware. be very ware.