wisdom from someone who has a deep mind:

People come and go in and out of our lives. A phrase of knowing each other takes place when a common topic sets in. Even so, we make friends with the same/opposite gender of different catergories. Mainly they are known friends, good friends, best friends and true friends.

Known friends are common, you see them and they see you day after day. Some might no longer keep in touch and if you do see them again, it’s a simple gesture of saying hi and off you go on ur way. We make known friends everyday, constantly. It’s sad but true. As known friends do not know each other’s character, betrayals may happen. Known friends are unable to face the trials of time, years will pass and eventually memories of each other will be lost.

Good friends are uncommon. they advance from being known friends to good friends. good friends share stuff in common and chat about common interest under the sun. As uncommon as they are, it’s not hard to find one in your circle of friends. they joke and play with you, even sharing information about certain stuff with you. treasue them well as lost of contact with good friends will turn them into known friends. The time factor plays an important part in being good friends, as it will either strengthen the friendship or it will break the friendship.

Best friends are rare. apart from communication, they will also involve you in events concerning them. practically any thing about each other can be discussed amongst them. Best friends are often seen together and never lose touch of each other. Finding a best friend is rare. Once u find one, hang on to him/her! Best friends can be of the opposite gender. More than friends, but not quite lovers. be careful when trending upon the line of friendship and relationship. Best friends withstand time and does not disperse easily. However, 1 wrong step will turn you into enemies.

True friends are extremely rare, rarest of the breed of mankind. Even best friends will betray you. True friends have no secrets with each other, they know each other thoroughly. Being aware of each other’s feelings, they tend to defend each other when something wrong goes on.
A true friend does not appear before you just like that, it work both ways. You begin the search and the other person will also do so. True friends do not believe in gossips and will find out the truth. True friends maybe extremely rare, but everyone have the potential to becoming a true friend. When you do find one, you have been bestowed upon a gift of priceless value.

– for more of his philosophical thoughts, welcome to zhiwei’s world


let’s see again. althought his royal highness (that’s me) agrees with most of the points mentioned by zhi wei, he beg to diff on the notion of ‘true friends’.

in his royal opinion, true friends does not exist if it was based on what zhiwei said. simply due to one fact.

no one knows each other throughly. no even the host himself. humans think in such complex extremities that a huge pie of them have no idea who they are really are. they most certainly do not undetstand about themselves. and often, they are confused by their own feelings to even be aware of the own.

but hey, a worthy susbsitituon will possible be soul mates. someone who prob understands more about yourself then you even do. someone we can trust with your lfe on.


unless the defination of true friend has changed:

1. someone who won’t hurt you. (at least to the min level)

2.  they tend to defend each other when something wrong goes on and not in conflct with order.

3. someone whom you can share thoughts and ideas. and even minds. dicussing how each feel about certain aspects.


so… have you found your friend caterogy yet?