everyone is used to associating ‘white’ with the notion of ‘pure and good’. vice versa, ‘evil and sin’ has been capitalized as the representation of ‘black’.

just what is good and evil? and why is white and black being portray as it is? why why why?

even in convential english, it has always been ‘black and white’. even the music legend MJ has his famous song titled ‘black and white’. so, this should mean that ‘black’ is always superior over ‘white’.

let’s picture it like this:-

1. white by itself, based on the color wheel, is a combination of  colors. so, it is a CHAOS of colors. it reflects all colors and so it appears to our eyes as white. so, what’s so pure about it when it’s not made purely of one color?

2. the reason that black is black can be explained by the fundamentals of science. black absorbs all light and reflect none of the colors. because it does not reflect an array of colors like white does, this directly means BLACK is pure.


and therefore, black is PURE and WHITE is simply chaos.