and if there exists a world where mice and cheese can talk… we will have this little story…


mouse had been eyeing this piece of cheese for some time. perhaps more when mouse got to know cheese increasing. he begins to understand that cheese is than just a piece of cheese. in fact, cheese was far more than that.

cheese was premier grade in mouse’s small little eyes. from the small alley that mouse hid, he would look onto and across the street where cheese was at.  cheese was still far to reach, and too out of his league.

mouse, being just a small mouse, flickled and hungry, snacked a little while still eyeing the block of cheese up and across the street. but, there’s another tale for another time.


spring came and past. authum came and past. summer flow passed. winter has arrived….





mouse was pretty discouraged that he can’t grab a bite on cheese. and till one day, he spent a few nights pondering on the pros and cons of  cheese dream. and weight it he did. the pros and cons.

and mouse decided to a point.

‘he must not try to eat the cheese”he must not think of the block of chess up and across the street’ ‘he must not ….

and all of a sudden, mouse feels cheese moving a little closer. a little closer. a little more closer.

the sight of a cheese moving nearer excited him.

and mouse fainted from joy.


still… will the piece of cheese, premier be too big for mouse to swallow?

cheese almighty indeed.


and only cheese could very well destory mouse