the cat’s feeling weird. on one hand, it’s considered a good day for all that matters. still, a sense of displeasure, unsastification clings onto his day. it’s as if nothing much was accomplish in the day.

he just seem to be ‘patrolling’ the streets, allys aimlessly. hmmm… he wonders…


met 2 in morning class. met 1 in another morning class. met 3 in breaks. met 3 more in breaks. 1 more at the end of the day. that’s abour 10 lovely girls that cat met today, either by routine or sheer conicidence.

a staple diet of having female companion’s usually makes the tuesdays a delightlful event. still, it doesn’t seem to be the case just today. weird.

at least, it’s still pretty good sense. argh, what are we talking about here?


red specs’s so nice! since it brings life, and shows vibrant energy coming from the one who wears it. and ‘ding dong bell’ has a new pair of red specs, that makes her all more lovely (lol.. all my friends are lovely wor *purrs*)

couldn’t help disturbing her specs…lol!

*feels like taking more shots of her with her news specs…. argh….*

[okay… this sounds sick… lol] (hey… it’s a pure intention… P-U-R-E… not evil wor…)

well…. nevermind.