and welcome to the lesson on avatars. where every avatar gives a hint of what his royal highness (that’s me …) is feeling at that moment …


– when one sees this avatar, unless you have something that is purely work-based, functioned-based. avoid talking to him.

– his highness is a hopeless state…



– if one were share really happy news with him. he or she ought to think twice. unless one would really want to be condemn.

– all messages are to be purely work-based. and no small talk.

no trespassing

– when one is to see this avatar popping. REFRAIN from even message.

– one will either get a really polite decline. OR just be subjected to cold shoulders.


–  fuming. talking sense will be fultill.


in anycase,

1. no small talk

2. talk share happy news that leads his highness to ponder.

3. if you are male. go FAR FAR away.

4. thank you for your cooperation