and yes, his royal highness (that’s me) have been hopelessly in love (the term has been used to match the v-day theme), or rather hopelessly obsessed with 大头芬的世界 created by one of the talented djs from 顶尖流行音乐电台 Y.E.S. 93.3 FM station,

it started when he first heard it on the fm radio quite some time ago… was it during the last december holidays? well… he could remember much. but when he first heard of it on air, he was captivated by it. nevermind it having simplifed and easy to understand chinese lingua franca that’s catered to a younger audience; nevermind the act cute voice cast; nevermind it being a possible female audience orientated program, his highness likes the program.

and finally when he was browsing the yes933 website, he came across the podcast instructions for itunes podcast for the 大头芬的世界. it feels the same as if he’s discovered a gold mine, or even a diamond mine! WOW! tt’s what he nearly screaked in delight!

and so, his royalness now glues to it!


welcome to 大头芬的世界

created by Lin Peifen 林佩芬

picture taken from peifen's personal blog!

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