had this strangest chat with someone who happens to get all the uncanny suitors [the weird the weird and the weird] moments ago (aiyoh… u know who u r… haha). thought the conversation, the thought just sort of plastered in the minds of his royal highness….

1. all (well… most) handsome guys are weird in a way that can’t be explain in words. they feel weird. those that are normal are either out of reach or out of the league. or are simply taken…

2. and well… all ugly chaps are simply … ugly… haha

— well… the 2 points are purely personal thoughts from his royalness and has no link with any parties…

of course, his highness fall in the second catergory..lol


and yes… goddess is goddess and wz is shuai… lol!


happy v-day to jen mei =) and happy bday to iris buddy whose bday falls on feb13 =)