a different heart

leech this heart from pokemon’s site

it’s an unconvential attempt which varies from the norm. and she was saying:-

instead of those conventional, artificial heart and arrows pic…. i think this one… is more REAL…

hmmm… still, we prefer the cuter version than the beating heart. it seems to make v-day bloody, with the addition of a beating pumping heart. it sure reflects how strange pokemon is… lol…

well, his royal highness (that’s me) have weird and strange friends… hohoho


it’s v-day today. rather, it was v-day just hours ago… well.. it’s just too bad that his highness’s a 0200 hours blogger… hohoho

and it was spend ‘dating’ with an RESEARCH PAPER. how interesting…

at least, a portion of the day was delicated to using some photoshop and blending of some roses, sunflowers for some friends…. so it’s digital flowers…

well… his highness will post some of his amateurish work some time later. for now, he did three. well, that’s prob all the time he has set aside when he was taking a break from the horrible horrible nm3217 research paper which is due like 1700s hrs on 15 feb 2007!!! argh…. (well… he’s still doing it NOW… or rather… refining it to proper english and conforming to the page limit)

well…. so… it’s…


and more importantly,

EVERY girl should get a flower on this special day.

for boys…. well… be contented with the message above… (See the big big bold words just a few lines up? yeah… cheers)