and his royal highness has finally watched 13 episodes (as of date of post) worth of 花样少年少女 via the friendly youtubbers.




这是从花样少年少女 – 14 中的一段对话。。。




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circle is basically a polygon which has an all even side from the point of its center. the distance from the center of circle (aka radius) to any point is the same throughout its entire span.

however, if the center is not longer right smack in the center, the distance from the new ‘center’ to any other point at its border will change. one side will be longer than the other, where as the distances of the other sides will change and vary. depending on the skewness, it could increase or shorten.

directly, it also means that as one affinity towards one side increases, the ‘center’ shifts towards that side. correspondingly, the affinity to another side decreases… from another point of view, if we willingly chose to decrease our affinity to one side, the affinity to another increases, no matter what we do…

now, let’s create some math equation.

center = us (aka humans, ourselves)

radius = our physically, mental, emotional distance to another

points on the circumference of a circle = people or aims in our life

doing the maths, his royal highness actually meant,

when we detach ourselves from another, we grow closer to another. when we grow closer to another, we have forcefully (whethe we like it or not) loosen our bond to another…


and such is the mockery of life… don’t you all agree?