nothing exact in particular, just dazzled over the wordings on this anime wallpaper.

that dazzling sun – that winter day

his royal highness just love winter =). and hell… why is it spring now?


court visiting was funny. the usual metal detector stuff at court. and we have the usual enterance protocol. drop your bag and metal stuffs in a basket, and pass it into a scanner. walk pass a rectangular looking frame that checks your body for metal objects…

and upon seeing it. his royal highness drops into royal dispair. D-I-S-P-A-I-R!!! that because he knows despite dropping everything metal into the basket for scanning, he will still FAIL the metal test.

and so, he does his usual… and walk in, not before calmly placeing one finger over the ear before the expected metal BEEP BEEP BEEP sounded. and true to the (watever you want to insert), it went BEEP BEEP.

still, he calmly stands on the mat, made himself into a human cross and waited for the manual scan…. and fails it again =) oh well… security lets him pass…. hohoho. prob too much iron in him…. haha

but HEY, there’s one funny element today… there’s this girl who had to remove her belt just to pass the metal test. hilarous…. removin her belt in public… the security droped their jaws… (cos… belts are NOT required to be remove… haha)

and hell no… [m]&ms, kd, 4plus all went pass w/o any beeping… maybe girls has less iron in their bodies? OH WELLL.. as least they looked gogerous today =)

and yes, white’s really a nice color!