and he finally managed to finished the chinese book titled, “春日凉宫的阴谋”.

book 07

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and he is impressed. indeed he is. impressed by how the author managed to twist such a single plot on v-day into a 400 odd page novel. rather, the original book’s written in japanese. and some taiwanese chap translated it into chinese for chinese readers.

though, based on what his highness has learnt in cl2280 and cl3218, basic and advanced translation respectively, there are still some parts in the novel where the chinese lingua arrangement was rigid, or simply 生硬!!! but then, it’s still aok, considering there’s lots of technically terms and lingua that attends to japanese customs.

and now… on to book 08 of the series! “春日凉宫的芬愤慨”, here we go!!!

book 08

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the  春日凉宫 series (aka The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi) can be found in Singapore Kinouniya Main Branch)