falling sick is crap…  especially in a season where most assignments are due. and pokemon agrees.

and thanks heavens that shes does mp3 recordings of the lecture that i’ve missed. so touched she offer to send the mp3 over. she is so sweet!!! that does it, she’s now an upgraded into a lvl 4000 pokemon

and too bad people, she’s taken. lol!


what a bloody low morale day it was… crap happenings all in one day when his absoulte’s missing in action. and to think he bloody prepared for a presentation. tmd

and of course. good thursday was gone. WA LAO!

friday. will be better…. crap..


and crap.. woke up with a headache on the back of the head. shivering like some drug addict low on dope…

and from one bloody nightmare. wtf is wrong?

bad thursdays….