and sometimes, his royal highness doesn’t understand himself. yes, he DOES NOT understand himself. perhaps, just perhaps, there may be someone who understands him more then himself.

her royal majesty says she understands him best. afterall, he is her fresh and blood. who else but her can understand him? well, to an extend, she does understand a bit. does she?


his highness firmly believe in the power of the three. afterall, from the depths of time, the number 3 has been a symbol of power. from witchcraft, magecraft, circle of magic to watever you can think of. hell yeah, even books are written in trilogy. who dares claim that 3 isn’t a mythical number?

and so, his royalness thinks 3 is indeed powerful and magically.

there was once when he read that the soul of a human is split into three pieces. when when the two pieces meet in the real world. they could form up into real friends who know and care a lot about each other. and when the 3 meet, they are complete.


then again, will he find the three?

and may the other 2 soulmates be girls =)

men, afterall, can’t be trust at all.

but they say god is male? right? hmm… a paradox..